Sinem Coleri Ergen

Research Scientist

Wireless Sensor Networks Berkeley Lab

Under sponsorship of Pirelli and Telecom Italia


Office: 1995 University Ave. #225 Berkeley CA 94704

Tel: (510) 384 0990             


Research Interests

I am interested in wireless networks and signal processing with applications in sensor networks and transportation systems.

I am currently working in Wireless Sensor Networks Berkeley Lab sponsored by Pirelli and Telecom Italia under supervision of Prof. Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli.

I coordinate the activities in communication modeling in Intelligent Tire Project. The main idea in this project is to place sensor nodes inside each tire of an automobile to extract directly from the tire relevant information to improve significantly active control systems and enable the development of a wide range of new applications. The strict requirements in terms of energy consumption, data rate, delay and reliability require aggressive design space exploration. I am also working on extending the usage of this platform to replace wires for many in-vehicle applications by wireless communication.

I am also the Technical Editor for Low Power Routing Group in ZigBee. I am trying to introduce Low Power Router functionality to ZigBee mesh networks based on preamble sampling. I am also doing research on improving the performance by duty cycle parameter optimization.

I received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from University of California Berkeley in 2002 and 2005. My advisor was Prof. Pravin Varaiya.

My doctoral thesis focused on sensor networks for traffic monitoring, which was turned into a product in the start-up company called Sensys Networks. I was a consultant for Sensys Networks for the last two years of my Ph.D. I worked on analyzing magnetometer sensor data for vehicle detection, classification and re-identification, and designing a system that meets the battery lifetime, delay guarantee and fault tolerance requirements of sensor networks at MAC, routing and application layers.

I received the B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey in 2000. My advisor was Prof. Erdal Arikan.

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Professional Activities 

  • · Technical Editor of LPR Group in ZigBee
  • · Publicity Chair of BodyNets 2007.
  • · TPC of ICC 2006, Globecom 2007, BodyNets 2007, WCNC 2008, WCNC 2009.
  • · Reviewer for IEEE journals and conferences.
  • · IEEE member since 1998

Selected publications by subject 

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Sensor Network Applications

· S. C. Ergen, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, X. Sun, R. Tebano, S. Alalusi, G. Audisio and M. Sabatini, “The Tire as an Intelligent Sensor”, revised for IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design in October 2008.

· S.Y. Cheung, S. C. Ergen and P. Varaiya, “Traffic Surveillance with Wireless Magnetic Sensors”, ITS World Congress, November 2005.

· S.Y. Cheung, S. Coleri, B. Dundar, S. Ganesh, C.W. Tan and P. Varaiya, “Traffic Measurement and Vehicle Classification with a Single Magnetic Sensor”, Journal of Transportation Research Record, Feb. 2006, no. 1917. (Selected among the papers in 84th Annual Meeting, Transportation Research Board.)

· S. Coleri, S.Y. Cheung and P. Varaiya, “Sensor Networks for Monitoring Traffic”, invited paper to Allerton Conference, September 2004.

Protocol Design and Optimization 

· C. Fischione, S.C. Ergen,  P. Park, K. H. Johansson and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, “Medium Access Control Analytical Modeling and Optimization in Unslotted IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Networks”, submitted to IPSN 2009. (Extended version in preparation to be submitted to IEEE Transactions on Networking.)

· S.C. Ergen, C. Fischione, D. Marandin and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, “Duty Cycle Optimization in Unslotted 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks”, Globecom 2008, December 2008. (Extended version in preparation to be submitted to IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.)

· S. Pollin, M. Ergen, S. C. Ergen, B. Bougard, L.V. Perre, I. Moerman, A. Bahai, P. Varaiya and F. Catthoor, “Performance Analysis of Slotted Carrier Sense IEEE 802.15.4 Medium Access Layer”, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communication, vol. 7, no. 9, pp. 3359-3371, September 2008. (Earlier versions appeared in Globecom 2006 and WCNC 2008.)  

· S.C. Ergen and P. Varaiya, “Energy Efficient Routing with Delay Guarantee for Sensor Networks”, ACM Wireless Networks Journal, vol.13, no. 5, pp. 679-690, October 2007.

· S.C. Ergen and P. Varaiya, “PEDAMACS: Power Efficient and Delay Aware Medium Access Protocol in Sensor Networks”, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol.5, no.7, pp. 920-930, July 2006. (Patented the idea in UC Berkeley)

· S.C. Ergen and P. Varaiya, “On Multi-hop Routing for Energy Efficiency”, IEEE Communication Letters, vol.9, no.10, pp.880-881, October 2005.

· S.C. Ergen and P. Varaiya, “Optimal Placement of Relay Nodes for Energy Efficiency in Sensor Networks”, ICC 2006, June 2006.

· S.C. Ergen and P. Varaiya, “Fault Tolerant and Energy Efficient Routing for Sensor Networks”, IEEE Globecom, November 2004.

· S. C. Ergen, “IEEE 802.15.4 Summary”, Technical Report, Advanced Technology Lab of National Semiconductor, August 2004.


Statistical Data Analysis and Signal Processing

· A. Gueye, S.C. Ergen and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, "Iterative Sensor Deployment in an Unknown Environment", submitted to IPSN 2009.

· R. Rajagopal, X. Nguyen, S.C. Ergen and P. Varaiya, “Distributed Online Simultaneous Fault Detection for Multiple Sensors”, IPSN 2008, April 2008. (Extended versions in preparation to be submitted to IEEE Transaction on Information Theory and IEEE Transaction on Signal Processing).

· S.C. Ergen and P. Varaiya, “Effects of A-D Conversion Non-idealities on Distributed Sampling in Dense Sensor Networks”, IPSN 2006, April 2006.


·Wireless Sensor Networks: Energy Efficiency, Delay Guarantee and Fault Tolerance”, Ph.D. Thesis, University of California, Berkeley, December 2005, supervised by Prof. Pravin Varaiya.

·PEDAMACS: Power Efficient and Delay Aware Medium Access Protocol for Sensor Networks”, Master Thesis, University of California, Berkeley, December 2002, supervised by Prof. Pravin Varaiya.